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October Newsletter!

As the bell tolls on yet another month, it is time for a newsletter to talk about what happened this past month and what will be happening in the next! If all goes well, this newsletter will go live on Patreon AND the website at the same time!

October went rather quick, but it also seemed to take its time. The hardest part was the waiting for Halloween to get here and knowing that I was not going to achieve everything I wanted this year. For instance, I wanted to have a new Legends and Tales video every week, and not a single one went out. I also wanted to do some special behind the scenes kind of projects, but they didn't really work out either. So what did go right this month?

The Cemetery Chat channel grew a little bit, adding more videos and some new subscribers. I also introduced a co-host who will be joining me from time to time (probably more often than not) with Mrs. Bearheart hopping in to help talk about some fall activities and movies. The topics ranged quite a bit over the month and I think we are starting to fall into a bit of a groove with the videos.

I will be taking a break from everything for the first part of November so as to gear up for a lot of things over the holidays. The first big thing I am working on to get rolling is becoming more active on the main Josh Bearheart channel. Legends and Tales became more of a chore than I had initially thought it would, with the travel and time involved not providing the return I hoped. I am going to tweak the formula a bit over on that channel to make things a little easier on me in the short term.

First, I will be using it to discuss my debut novel and the road that I am on to publish it to the world. I am self-publishing, which includes a ton of new experiences and trials, and I want to share that journey. I will be making more Legends and Tales videos as well on there, albeit in a different format. The videos will shift to a voiceover style, with video and pictures layered in, allowing me to focus on the script and writing more engaging videos.

To this point "legends and tales" has referred to either well known legends or true historical events, but I am going to be adding to that definition. Sprinkled in among the traditional Legends and Tales videos will be my own short stories. These will consist of fictional tales, written by me, covering mostly horror and mystery with the occasional delve into other genres. I am really excited to get this new chapter started, keep an eye open for the first videos in November.

October included some shifts on the website as well. I am constantly evaluating what works and what needs to change or go away on there, and this month I changed the home page to be more focused on the overall BearheART Nation theme. The Legends and Tales section was moved to a new page to allow it to grow and my book is featured a little more on there.

As far as plans for the book, I added some bonuses in for anyone who buys it during the serial novel release window and the future is starting to take shape. My plan at present is to make 100 special edition hardcovers available during a pre-order window in 2023 following completion of the current phase. There will also be regular hardcovers and paperbacks available as well as an eBook.

Anyone who purchases the book while it is in the serial novel phase will get a free copy of the eBook and a % off their chosen print version (if they want a print copy). I am also going to be giving copies to Patrons on Patreon who are interested and have supported me to this point.

November is going to mean cooler weather and a lot of fun holidays. I will be posting candidate photos for the December newsletter around November 15 and preparing for Christmas/holiday cards that will be coming up in early December. Check the tier rewards to see what tiers get different mailers.

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