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Sit Down and Enjoy 'A Candle & A Story'!

Josh "Bearheart" Hawk and his wife Alisha "Bunny" Hawk have teamed up to bring 'A Story & A Candle' to the world! Enjoy uniquely scented candles alongside Josh's books. Perfect for an evening in, a rainy day or just escaping from the world.

It all started with a dream in 2022. Josh was focused on photography, not yet knowing he would write The Journal, Legends and Tales or even GPS Signal Lost. Bunny wanted to create as well, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. After some thought, she landed on candle-making as a side hobby. This would only last a short while, however, as life took over and the dreams had to be put on hold.

Fast-forward to 2024.

Trying to find some kind of purpose and wanting more than anything to spend more time together, Josh and Bunny decided to combine their passions into a single business. Her bright personality and love for trying to make the most amazing candles mixed perfectly with his macabre storytelling and love for weaving incredible tales. 'A Candle & A Story' was born!

Working together, they sell candles, books, photo prints and postcards at craft shows around Ohio, with a dream of one day selling all around the United States. You can find the full list of upcoming events on the main page of the website, and you can even reach out to them if you have an event you'd like to see them at!

Don't miss your chance to pick up a great story and an amazing candle, all while supporting a small business!

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