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November Newsletter!

I'm on time for a newsletter again! This must be a Christmas miracle!

Seriously though, November has been a heck of a month and I'm not even sure I can properly cover everything. The obvious thing was Thanksgiving taking up a lot of time, and spooky season coming to an end for another year, but the biggest move for me personally was finally getting some new videos up on the main channel.

This was the first video on the main channel in about 2 months and it really meant a lot to me to get it uploaded because that channel has been through a lot and has been more neglected than I intended. I've been making videos covering writing stuff, but I have also been working in the background on some new Legends and Tales stuff and short stories to share in the new year. The Legends and Tales series is important to me and I was hoping to have a new video ready on there by the end of November, but life happened and I wasn't able to meet that goal.

The holidays in general are a crazy time for everyone and I have had to face the fact that I am only human and can only do so much while maintaining my sanity. I think slowing down over the past month and allowing myself the freedom to step back and not upload over the first and last weeks of November really helped me to focus and release some of the pressure I had been applying. Even with fewer videos, though, there was still a lot going on.

My debut novel is coming along nicely, with Chapter 15 releasing this past week and the total story hitting around the half-way mark. I'm extremely proud of what I have been able to do with this book so far as I never expected I would be able to write even a couple thousand words at the start. If you had told me on January 1 of this year that by the end of the year I would have written over 35,000 words for a single story I would have laughed and said there was no way. Then I would have asked you where your time machine was and that you would provide me with the winning numbers for the billion dollar Powerball drawing.

Between writing, making videos and getting things done over Thanksgiving, you would think I was already full up, but I also started streaming again over on Twitch.

I tried streaming a couple of years ago, and it didn't go very well. Back then, I wasn't really a very good on camera personality and found myself drained more often than not after a stream. After more than a year of making videos for YouTube, I have grown a lot and feel like getting back into streaming will be an overall positive thing. While I will be playing a lot of games over on Twitch, I will also be doing some writing streams and just hanging out with anyone who wants to join me live.

The one regret I have over November is that I didn't get out and get any photos. Photography is something I enjoy a lot and not being able to get out was frustrating at times. Some of it was the weather, but mostly I found myself busy with decorating or content stuff and when I wasn't working I was resting. December should be a little bit more relaxed as I have already put most of the automations in place that I needed and I am planning at least one day to get outside and take some photos. Ideally, that day will involve snow, but we'll see what happens.

I think that is more or less it for November. As we wrap up the year and welcome in 2023 I plan on doing some kind of wrap up video, maybe even a year end stream, where I recap 2022 and cover some of the highlights. I spent some time thinking about what has happened this year compared to the plans I had and it kind of blew my mind how much has gone down. That is a topic for next month though.

Have a great December, the next newsletter will be coming in 2023!

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