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When Josh finds a mysterious journal in the attic of his grandfather's house, he has no idea it will be the key to solving a decades old mystery. Strange things start to happen as he begins reading, and he soon finds himself embroiled in his own story, one that might not end the way he wants.


Follow Josh as he uncovers what happened to a private detective who disappeared in 1964 known as Heath Borjears. Heath was on the trail of a missing girl when he went missing, and nothing in the case was as it seemed. Both men find that in the end, sometimes your fate is out of your hands.


This is Josh Hawk's debut novel, originally released in March of 2023 as a paperback and eBook. In this special edition signed copy, you'll get the original story as well as an in-depth behind the scenes look at how the tale came to be and a peek at one of Josh's future novels, The Seventh Hand. Signed copies are shipped as soon as possible after you place your order. Shipping can take a week or two if stock is low or out. If there is a delay in shipping, we will reach out to let you know and keep you informed on the status.

The Journal Hardcover Signed

SKU: 01012023
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  • Hardcover 6"x9"

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