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This signed copy of Legends and Tales is available exclusively through this website. Signed copies typically ship within 1-2 weeks. If out of stock it can take a little bit longer.


Get ready to huddle closer to the campfire with 'Legends and Tales: Creepy and Fun Stories to Tell Around the Campfire'. From the mind of Josh "Bearheart" Hawk, author of 'The Journal' and 'GPS Signal Lost', comes a riveting anthology of short horror stories that plunge you into the heart of Ohio's darkest legends, mysterious monsters, and ethereal apparitions. Whether you're a family on a camping trip or a group of friends seeking a thrill, these tales promise chills without the gore.


Among the tales woven, you'll discover 'The Lab in the Woods,' where a seemingly idyllic camping trip uncovers forgotten experiments that should've stayed hidden. You'll meet 'The Ghostly Mechanic,' who lends a spectral hand to stranded travelers in need, and you'll venture into Elmore, Ohio's haunting lore with 'One More Ride,' revealing the truth behind the legend of the headless motorcyclist.


Each story crafts a world of psychological suspense that will make you think twice about turning off the lights.

In total you'll find 23 short horror stories and 50 flash horror tales that will creep you out in 100 words or less each! These stories are bound to send a shiver down your spine, so gather around, the fire's warm but the tales are ice-cold.

Legends and Tales: Creepy and Fun Stories to Tell Around the Campfire


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  • Paperback 5"x8"

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