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Charlie Wood was a long-haul trucker who loved the open road. He thought getting paid to see the country and travel was perfect, at least until a fateful bathroom break in New Mexico changed everything.


Now Charlie finds himself in a strange version of earth, where he is the only person on the planet. Trading in his big rig for a motorhome, he hits the road to really experience America in all its glory. Along the way, he meets some new friends like Lisa, a mannequin with an attitude who becomes his girlfriend. Together, they adopt a stuffed stegosaurus named Kyle who thinks he’s a guard dog. Then there’s Steven, a loveable but mischievous bigfoot statuette who is just trying to find his place in the world.


As they adventure around the country, Charlie discovers his companions are more than what they seem. A chance encounter with a magical being answers some questions and raises others and Charlie has to make a choice that impacts him and his new family.


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get lost in the excitement when your guidance system says, GPS Signal Lost - Attempting to Re-Establish Connection.


Delivery takes 1-4 weeks depending on availability*

GPS Signal Lost: Attempting to Re-Establish Connection

  • 1-4 weeks depending on availability

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