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Ohio Legends and Tales


Ohio is my home state and the place where the Legends and Tales series got its start! 

Growing up, I heard a lot of ghost stories about my home state thanks to my mom, who would routinely pile us kids into the back of the Chevy Astro van we owned and drive around looking for ghosts. We were often accompanied by one of mom's friends and their kids, meaning there would be up to 6 kids piled in with the adults as we meandered around, late at night, on creepy back roads. 

This childhood inspired me as I grew older, and now I spend my days researching all the legends I have heard over the years to try and find out where the kernel of truth lies in the stories that are told. 

But I didn't stop with just the known legends.

I decided to focus on sharing tales that no one has heard as well. I scour old newspapers and documents to find the history that no one else has covered and bring it to my community on YouTube and now here on this website. So many stories have been forgotten, with no coverage of them at all (or occasionally one or two videos or website mentions). I want to find these stories and shine a light on what has been lost to time so it can remain available for future seekers.

Click on any of the stories below to get started on your journey and check back often as I will be adding to this list at least once a month!

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