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Josh "Bearheart" Hawk

Future Bestselling Author

Josh “Bearheart” Hawk is an Ohio based author and YouTuber with multiple published works under his belt, including a mystery/suspense novel entitled “The Journal”, a short horror compilation book, “Legends and Tales: Creepy and Fun Stories to Tell Around the Campfire”, and his latest work "GPS Signal Lost: Attempting to Re-Establish Connection".


He started his YouTube career in 2021 with videos focused on photography, before transitioning over several years to sharing stories and gaming videos, as well as opinions on topics from writing to politics. In March of 2023 he released his debut novel, The Journal, to the world as an eBook and paperback, with a hardcover special edition following soon after. He spent the majority of 2023 writing short horror stories which he would then make into videos for his YouTube channel. These short horror stories would become the basis for his second book, Legends and Tales: Creepy and Fun Stories to Tell Around the Campfire.


Josh’s upcoming works include The Seventh Hand (coming late 2024) and a yet unnamed project coming in 2025. He has a Patreon where he shares his latest works and progress with his supporters.

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